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my car battery dies overnight..

The amount of wiring in your vehicle is enormous! That you don't about all this wiring is because the car designers are hiding them behind the dash, under your carpet, behind door panels and tuck them away between the engine and the firewall! WHY? simply because they are not very pretty to look at. BUT the wires are EVERYWHERE in your vehicle! When you have a car problem there is a big chance it is an electric issue! And there is your problem! 99% of automotive repair shops are not able to diagnose your automotive electric problem. They hear battery drain and will immediately want to replace your battery (easy money and any tech with 2 hands can replace battery). The more savvy repair shop also wants to change your alternator because its a simple repair and therefor a great repair. You will be out of hundreds of dollars and for the time being (give is 3 to 6 months) your problems will be gone. WHY? because your battery is so powerful cause its new that even with an alternator not charging correctly your battery will take the beating for a couple of months. Now with a new alternator and a new battery your might be good for years IF it fixed the problem! BUT if they didn't fix the original problem: THE BATTERY DRAIN. You will eventually get stranded! Battery drains are not easy to find and most shops have no clue how to even start this power draw diagnostics! Find a car repair shop that specializes in Auto Electric Diagnostics to have you car diagnosed correctly and you can save yourself a lot of money!

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