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When your car makes strange noises, your headlights are not working, your taillight is out, your A/C is not blowing cold, your car cranks slow, your power window is not rolling down, your ABS light stays on or your odometer isn't functioning then it is time to bring your car in to our shop!

Check engine light on? We provide a free codes scan. This tells you which trouble codes your vehicle has. 
So Headlight out? ABS or airbag light on? Power window not rolling up/down? Sunroof not working? Battery draining over night? You have the problem and we have the solution! At Village Auto Electric we have the IN-HOUSE specialist to fix all your cars electrical problems!
70 years in business and 90% of our business is referrals from other quality repair shops!

A perfect functioning AC is a necessity in Arizona! A poorly functioning or no working AC system can become life threatening with interior temperatures of 130 and up! At Village Auto Electric we have the expertise and equipment to service or repair your cars AC system. Don't let "them" sell you a new AC system! It could be a lose wire or a sensor.

Our 7 decades of automotive repair is not just limited to electric problems! We do complete engine overhauls, transmission repairs as well as timing belt, alternator, oil pump, radiator repairs! We have repaired over 125,000 cars and saved our customers thousands by not just replacing parts but finding the source of the problem! Don't have your transmission overhauled before you have it checked for electric problems!


If we can't fix your automotive problem no one can!

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