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We fix anything.... almost

Since 1949 we have been fixing cars at our Mesa Location. We specialize in Electric automotive diagnostics but only because it is the most difficult (we call it challenging) trade in the car repair business. Our auto repair facility has state of the art computer diagnostics systems and even more important: THE best master tech diagnostics guy in the business! We call him the car whisperer! Anything wrong with you vehicle and he will find it! Don't expect us to be cheap and electric trouble shooting is never fast! remember you are not able to see or hear the source of your problem like with a water pump (leaking) or a bad shock or brake rotor. The only thing you hear and see is the result of your electric problem: dead battery in the Am when you are ready to hit the road for your daily commute to work. Or your radio not working. We will find your problem! We have been doing so for a while! 70 years... are you in good hands??

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