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re wiring a vehicle

Re wiring your vehicle is a costly undertaking! At Village Auto Electric we receive calls everyday from classic car owners looking to rewire this vehicle. When we give them a quote they do not understand why it cost that much. So let me explain! Any car classic or new will NEVER run without electricity! That is a fact. No exhaust makes you car louder, a leak inn your radiator can overheat your car but if you keep on filling the radiator you will be okay for a while. Your worn shocks make your automobile a little more bouncy but a broken starter wire will not start your car, a broken brake light wire will not let the drivers behind you know that you are coming to a stop with all the consequences that follow. Replacing a wiring harness means removing the old one first. This means removing panels, carpet, parts of the engine, light assemblies etc. Before disassembly we also have to mark all the wires, so we know what their function was. A horn wire will not make your power window go down with the same button. Taking a harness out and marking it takes hours! the second part of the job is modifying the new harness to it has all the wiring needed to make the car function. HOLD ON! The wiring harness was "plug and play" according to the manufacturer!! RIGHT!! If that is the case why don't you install it yourself? NOTHING is EVER plug and play! NEVER!! If you are lucky the modifications only take a couple of hours but more likely then not it will take a day! And then part 3 the installation of the harness, making sure it get connected right! Without butt connectors because they will fail sooner than later. So everything needs to be soldered into place or plugged in with the original connectors. Step 4 is testing the circuits which also takes hours! We need to make sure when the customer picks up his vehicle he is not gonna get stranded somewhere while in the worst case his car is on fire! So now you know why it cost that much to re wire you vehicle! And when you try to do it yourself and you make a mess it is gonna cost even more for us to fix your mistakes!

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