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your car your problem, we are here to help!

I want to make very clear to our potential customers that we are NOT magicians!! We are automotive technicians, we repair anything in any vehicle (mechanical and electrical) and we specialize in electric automotive repair which happens to be the most difficult the diagnose automotive problem. BUT it comes at a price! It can take HOURS to find the source of your electric Automotive problem and sometimes only 20 minutes to repair! So please don't expect us to diagnose your cars problem and fix it within an hour after you have been to other repairs shops who referred you to us!! we are not cheap or expensive! Our prices are fair but diagnoses takes A LOT OF TIME! And when you have an intermittent problem don't expect us to find it in a day! If you car gives you a problem once a week, you will probably need to leave your vehicle with us for a week and we need to test drive your vehicle to re enact the problem! If you are in our shop for an electric problem, please be patient. We are doing our best to fix YOUR PROBLEM!

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