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Automotive repair with a long history

in the early 30’s in a small rural place called Mesa in Arizona a man by the name of Emans owned some land and decided to start repairing cars. And so the story began! Now almost 70 years later Village Auto Electric is THE place where other automotive repair shops refer their customers to when the auto electric repair becomes too difficut for their mechanics.

If you ask Village auto mechanics why they are able to fix where other repair shops have failed they will tell you: We use our brains and look for the source of the problem. Removing and replacing parts is easier but mostly not the solution to the problem.

Most customers have no clue why their battery keeps draining and have the battery replaced by an even more clueless mechanic. Battery replacement will solve the drain temporary. So when their battery starts draining again after a couple of months and it gets replaced again and still keeps draining because most auto repair shops are just remove and replace parts shops are at a loss! They do not have the equipment to diagnose automotive electrical problems and their limitations start quickly to catch up with them. The better shops will refer the customer to an Auto electric shop.

Most automotive repair shops just keep on replacing parts Yes anything Electric in a car can cause a battery drain and can prevent your vehicle from starting! Here is what they don’t understand: a bad or lose ground cable can cause the same problem! Even a glove compartment light switch can cause the a drain!!

At village auto repair we diagnose the electrical problem by finding the source of that problem! Yes sometimes it can take hours to find the source which might be a $15 relay or switch. And being presented with a $515 bill is a hard pill the swallow especially after replacing $800 in parts at the previous shop. However we fixed the problem, the drain is gone and they could go back to the previous shop to have the old parts reinstalled and get a refund. They also could have come to us first and would have saved themselves all that time and money!

moral of the story is that if you have car problems like a car battery drain and battery light on in your dashboard or any other light on in your dashboard or a head light, taillight or brake light or blinker light is not working go to an auto electric shop, make sure it’s a real one with a very expensive diagnostics computer! How do you know if they have one? Just ask! And any shop giving you free diagnostics is not going to find the problem!!! No business works for free!! So that free diagnostics is going to translate in replacing a lot of parts on your car!

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