August 23, 2018

Re wiring your vehicle is a costly undertaking! At Village Auto Electric we receive calls everyday from classic car owners looking to rewire this vehicle. When we give them a quote they do not understand why it cost that much. So let me explain! Any car classic or new...

October 28, 2017

in the early 30’s in a small rural place called Mesa in Arizona a man by the name of Emans owned some land and decided to start repairing cars. And so the story began! Now almost 70 years later Village Auto Electric is THE place where other automotive repair shops refe...

October 6, 2017

we are known for our automotive electric repair. What most customers don't know is that this is the most difficult to fix automotive problem and the reason most shops do not want to deal with it.

Village auto repair does however more than just fixing electrical problems...

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